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Letter from President Nicole Spano-Niedermeier

By Nicole Spano-Niedermeier, 04/19/19, 6:15PM EDT


This is a picture of the bike I purchased for myself when I was 16 years old.  Recently, I have been going bike riding with my kids and it still works … I wish I could say the same for my knees. While riding, I remembered why I purchased this bicycle. It was to commute from my Burlington home to my two summer lifeguarding jobs. One at BSTC and one at the apartments up the street. My parents worked themselves and I was on my own for transportation – rain or shine. 

All of these memories brought back so much about my childhood and BSTC. I started to think about who I used to see at BSTC before I became a lifeguard and spent long summer days playing four square, tennis, swimming, and eating Richie’s slush. I’m happy to report that three of the characters I spent summers with now sit on the board of directors:  Karen Calandrelli, Joshua Woodbury (year three) and David Shannon.  Along with feeling completely excited and stressed out about this year’s opening, I find myself feeling so blessed to be part of such a wonderful group of people who truly love the Burlington Swim and Tennis club and want to see it flourish and remain the summer respite where so many of our shared memories of joy, freedom, friendship, and fun reside.

Updates regarding the Board of Directors (BOD) include: Joshua Woodbury (former BSTC pool manager and head swim coach 2001-2002) is becoming vice president. He will become acting president Sept. 1 2019! This is Josh’s third year on the board. Josh and his wife Fallon are Burlington residents and are parents to two boys, Cameron and Shay. Josh’s mother Lois Woodbury has become our bookkeeper and his wife Fallon has done an AMAZING job of filling out our social calendar. This looks to be the best, most action-packed summer yet! Thank you Woodbury family for all of your volunteering! Josh’s father was also a former President of BSTC. Josh has it in his blood.

The Calandrelli, Baker, and Kelly families have joined the BOD as corporate members. Karen Calandrelli was a childhood member of BSTC. Back in the day, Karen was the club’s tennis and swim superstar. She and her husband Joe are the parents to three children, Hope, Molly, and Reid. Karen is a lifelong resident of Burlington. Karen has worked very hard with Julie O’Connell on swim lessons and landscaping needs for the property. Thank you Karen for volunteering!

Orla Minter Baker is also the mother of three girls, Susie, Stella and Sadie. Orla is a resident of Burlington. She is a successful dentist in town and an extremely tough tennis competitor. Orla has worked diligently with Lucas to help with the tennis program, team, landscaping needs, activities and tennis court revitalization. Thank you Orla for volunteering!

Jamie Beane has officially stepped down as treasurer and David Kelly has stepped up and replaced her.  Thank you to the Kelly family for volunteering and becoming corporate members! The Kellys are Burlington residents. Dave and his wife Jamie have three children - Nicholas, Ava and Olivia. Thank you Dave for stepping up!

Jamie Beane has been an amazing treasurer. She ruled the club’s money with an iron fist and is largely responsible for our third consecutive year of fiscal success. Jamie has spent countless hours with a subpar computer and accounting system paying our bills and keeping us in line financially. We cannot thank her enough for her service. We also thank the Beane family for their sacrifice of their mom and spouse for countless hours of BSTC-related work. Thank you Jamie!

David Shannon has also volunteered to join the BOD! Dave was a tennis star at BSTC when he was younger. He also worked in the snack shack and is taking over for Tanya Ikier – who we miss dearly. I am confident Dave will help to maintain all of the hard work Tanya and Dakota have put in over the years. He and his wife Christi are Burlington residents and also have three children, Cole, Casey and Tate.  Dave volunteers on the soccer board as well.  Seems like a glutton for punishment. Thanks for joining us Dave!

Jeff Hillman has also joined the BSTC BOD. He and his wife Tracey are parents to one child, Noah and reside in Billerica. Jeff was seen volunteering a lot at BSTC last summer … so we pounced on him. Jeff is incredibly handy and has fixed so many property-related problems already. He has provided many solutions to our aging grounds. Jeff recently installed a new 911 emergency box in the big pool for guards and members to use in case of emergency! We are so grateful for you Jeff. Thank you!!

Liz Hughes will be spending her third and last summer as club secretary. Liz has spent countless hours throughout the last year bringing the new website and Sports Engine to life. Compiling registrations, building membership, and answering to all of the member’s needs and requests are just some of Liz’s responsibilities. Liz and her husband are proud parents to their son Cameron and reside in Wilmington.  In the last three years, Liz has done a great job defining the role of secretary and setting clear expectations for the amazing individual who will replace her in the fall. Thank you Liz for your all of your hard work and dedication!

Last but not least is the unsung heroine of the BSTC: Tara Kosinski. This is Tara’s second year on the board. She and her husband Tim are parents to three children, Therese, Nino and Grace.  The Kosinski family are Burlington residents. Tara basically does a little piece of everyone’s job as well as her own. One recent example of Tara’s ability to take on daunting tasks is dealing with a cracked water pipe and leak from the street of our property. Tara is not a plumber nor an expert in water use – yet she has managed the situation amazingly and has been the reason we are able to open this summer and bring you all running water. Also, new chairs, guard stands, picnic tables etc… if it’s new Tara purchased it. Basically whatever we need Tara jumps in and volunteers to take it on. We could not run without her. Tara also runs club events, volunteers for soccer, hockey, girl scouts, CCD. Hopefully she manages to sleep from dusk until dawn … on the tennis courts. Thank you so much Tara!!

Our board of directors has changed tremendously over the last year and our staff has as well. Chris Ikier has resigned and John O’Donnell has been hired as the new manager. Lucas will be returning and we have hired an assistant pro, Michael Laurentano, to help him. Julie O’Connell has become Head Lifeguard and Swim Coach. In the coming weeks we will be highlighting our staff on the Facebook page and our website.

I am happy to report the club will be replacing the baby pool filter at the end of April.  After the leaky pipe situation has been remedied, we are planning to execute a multitude of improvement projects.  One of the larger projects includes resurfacing the old tennis courts.

 I am writing this to every member to highlight how hard we have all worked to keep BSTC alive. Please keep in mind when approaching board members this summer with requests as they are also coming to BSTC to relax and spend time with their families. We have hired a manager to help with member requests and issues. The board is always available by email as well. We will always listen to issues concerning emergency needs any day or time.  If you see something say something … please just take care in the manner in which you address the problem!

The board wants to thank all of the members for your loyalty and patronage. We would be nothing without all of you and are so happy to have you be a part of our family I hope that all of our children will be able to enjoy BSTC with their children. Membership brings so many lifelong gifts to our families. The ability to UNPLUG, play, relax and make new friends. Maybe our children’s memberships will lead to their first jobs, becoming snack shack employees, lifeguards, tennis pros, swimming stars. Maybe they will just have some pretty amazing summers. Whatever happens, it’s safe to say BSTC is an incredibly special place. Thank you all for keeping it that way!

Nicole Spano-Niedermeier, President (outgoing in 134 days...but who’s counting)