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Letter from President Dave Kelly

By Dave Kelly, 05/28/21, 6:15PM EDT


The BSTC is a curious little thing. Hidden away in a residential part of Burlington, you wouldn’t know we existed if you didn’t seek us out. The Club is 4 acres of country get away in a suburban setting, volunteer-run and family supported. The most treasured thing about the Club though is that it is ours. Yours, the kids, mine – collectively ours, not managed by an outside company, not owned by some big corporate company. The thing I’m looking forward to the most this summer is taking back the Club as ours – leaving behind the protocols and reminders of COVID; letting our children run the grounds unconcerned with rules (other than no running on the pool deck!). Your safety and comfort this summer is of course the top priority of mine; the fact is COVID is still present and something we have to be aware of.

The Board has spent many hours this spring ensuring our operating plan will make you feel comfortable as we prepare to open up fully this Saturday. Masks will not be required, but will be recommended for those of us who are not vaccinated. And of course, we support mask wearing and social distancing should you feel that’s still part of the plan for your family.

This is my first summer as President of the BSTC, and I’m following in the footsteps of two prior Presidents who taught me a ton about the ins and outs of the Club. I learned that this Club is more than just a piece of property in Burlington; it is an adventure, it is an oasis, but at the core it is a memory maker. Spending time with both Nicole and Josh, it was not hard to pick up on their passion and dedication to ensure the Club endures. This surely was driven from the fact they spent countless hours during their youth at the Club with their families, and as Board Members and Officers they felt a duty to provide an atmosphere for their children that matched, if not exceeded, their own. I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the both of them and hope I can meet the Presidential bar they have set.

And here’s to the BSTC Board who has worked tirelessly both in the Spring of 2020 and 2021 to ensure the Club can open and operate. Orla, Trish, Karen, Jeff, Ed, Dave, and Paul – as volunteers the time commitment demanded from them to get the Club operational has been a lot. If you see them this summer, give them a high-five, they’ve earned it.

And I’ll be around for high-fives too. Or fist bumps. Or head nods. Can’t be too safe these days I suppose. Look for me this weekend at the check-in tent, if you’re a returning member I can’t wait to see you again, and if you’re a new member I’m so happy you’re joining us; we’re going to have some fun this summer!

Dave Kelly, President